NUMBER: 18-001-06 REV. A
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: July 12, 2006

StarSCAN®/StarMOBILE™ Abort Recovery Procedures

This Bulletin provides guidelines to minimize flash reprogramming problems and recovery
procedure information for failed flash attempts.

Occasionally a flash update procedure may not complete properly and/or the diagnostic
equipment may lock up or become disconnected during the procedure. Flash
Reprogramming is a “CRITICAL PROCESS”; an error may result in a no-start/failed
control module. Most modules, encountering an interruption or failure while
reprogramming, are recoverable. Replacing a module that is recoverable is not covered
under the provisions of the warranty.

This service bulletin covers items that may cause this condition, a process to restart the
flash procedure, and miscellaneous information that will help prevent unnecessary
replacement of control modules.

Information Only