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Soft Top Operation – 4 Door JK

Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Top

Jeep has produced a series of videos that do an amazing job of showing the right way to install and operate your Jeep Wrangler JK’s soft top. There are some trivial differences between the 4 door JK unlimited and the two door version, but it basically comes down to the four door version being longer […]

TeraFlex Jeep JK long arm install

TeraFlex JK long arm kit

The long arm kit is the high end of Jeep lift kits, and when going with a long arm you can’t do better than TeraFlex. These videos will show you how to install your own Terafelx long arm kit, saving you a fortune over the mechanics.

This TeraFlex 4″ long arm kit is the staple for long arm kits, and is a common choice when upgrading. You’ll have to do some welding to complete the install, so be prepared. You’ll also need to address some driveline angles, normally solved by the use of a CV drive shaft.

Installing Jeep JK Body Armor

Jeep JK Side Armor

In this video you’ll see how to install some bolt on side armor and a rear bumper, both by Rugged Ridge. A good set of rock sliders will keep your Wrangler’s sheet metal safe when playing on the rocks, and can make getting into and out of your lifted JK a breeze.

With an upgraded rear bumper you’ll be able to mount a larger than stock spare, as well as lose the stock look in favor of a beefer, offroad ready bumper.