A CB is a great tool to have with you when off roading – either by yourself, or with a group of friends. Many people believe that since they have a cell phone, theres no need for a CB radio, but they often forget that when out in the woods, you’ll likely not have any signal. If you are lucky enough to have a signal, it’s often not practical to make a phone call every time there’s a hold up in the line, or you want someone in front to pass back a sandwich. This is where the CB radio shines through – you can make a quick request on the CB, and everyone in your party can hear you and respond back. You won’t always know who’s at the front or the rear of a line, and you’ll appreciate the radio when you need some quick information.

JK Wrangler CB radioInstalling a CB radio in your Jeep JK can be very easy, especially with some of the new models available today. My favorite style of CB radio is the Cobra 75 WX ST.

The beauty of this radio is that it’s all held withing the transmitter. This means that when you are home from your trip, and done with the radio, you can simply unplug it and remove it from the Jeep easily. Space is at a premium in a Wrangler, and no one wants to have wires hanging down on their legs all the time.

You only need to mount a small box somewhere under your dash, then the Cobra 75 will plug into that box. The controls for the CB are inside the handheld mic, so you only need one hand to operate the unit. You can’t get more compact than that. I’ve found that that Cobra 75 does an good job, with enough volume to be heard during trail rides, and when you’re on the interstate you’re able to hold it too your ear – I don’t think a traditional CB would be heard at all in this case. I’m happy with my CB, and would buy another Cobra 75 if the one I have ever dies.

You can see some of various installs of the Cobra 75 inside of other JKs below:

You can buy this CB radio from Amazon – Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio