Have you ever wanted to see if your Jeep Wrangler’s speedometer is correct? How about tracking your miles per gallon both instantly and over a trip of a couple of hundred miles? Would you like to know your 0-60 and quarter mile times? You can do all this an more with the Android application Torque.

Torque is an amazing application for your Android device (that’s right, all you iPhone guys are out of luck). It costs a measly $5, and can do amazing things for your Wrangler. To get started you’ll need to buy and install the application itself:

Torque in the Android Market

You’ll also need a way for your Jeep to talk to the application – that is done through a blue-tooth enabled ODB II connector. You can pay as much as you want for one of these, but I prefer the sub $25 models that you can find on ebay:

Blue-tooth ODB II connector

Once you pop the ODB II adapter in, pair it with your Android, and launch the Torque app you’ll be able to monitor all types of things on your Jeep Wrangler JK. Not only can you monitor your JK, but you can pull and erase codes – this alone is worth the price of admission, since a normal code reader costs around $100. I find that it’s nice to have one gauge for my speedometer speed and one for my GPS speed – an easy way to verify your Wrangler’s speedo.

Torque installed and running in a JK:

Torque running Track Recorder (A Torque Plugin)