Finding the perfect size tires for your Jeep Wrangler JK can seem difficult, since you don’t want to buy tires that won’t fit, and you don’t get a chance to see if they fit until you’ve bought them.  Luckily Jeep is here to help you in your selection of rubber.  We’ll let you know what fits and what won’t, then it’s up to you to decide on the manufacturer and model of tire that you’d like.

The Jeep JK makes it easy to fit larger rubber with a limited amount of lifting.  The JK in stock form will easily fit 32″ tires (32 was the largest tire size available from the factory).

0″ of lift will allow you to safely run 32 inch tires.  If you’re willing to do some trimming you may be able to make a 33 fit. While a 35 may technically fit, you’ll end up rubbing your tire. Stick with a 32 or smaller when you don’t have a lift.

1″-2.5″ lifts will allow 33″-35″ tires with little or no rubbing.

3″-4″ lifts will accommodate 35″-37″ tires more comfortably, or you could install a 2″ budget boost and 1″ body lift. A wheel backspacing of 4.5″ or less may be needed on 35″ and larger tires to avoid rubbing the frame and other chassis components.


JK Gear / Tire ratiosWhen adding larger tires this will effect your speed (larger tires will make your engine work harder). The answer to this it to regear your JK. Here are some optimum gear ratios.





Things to keep in mind when adding bigger tires:

  • Your dealership can calibrate your JK’s speedometer up to a 32″ tire. If you have larger than 32″ tires.
  • If you’re going to run 12.50 inch wide tires, you’ll want wheels with at around 4.5 inches of backspacing (more than 4.75 inches and the tire will rub the frame, less than 3.75 inchs and the tire will stick out beyond the fender flares.

The best way to decide what tires are for you is to find the look that you’re after, then work backward from that – pricing out the tires, the lift, and deciding if you’ll need to regear or not. Here are some popular Jeep JK tire / lift options:

33 inch tires and no lift:

JK with 33" tires and no lift33" tires and no lift







33 inch tires and 2.5″ lift:

JK with 33 inch tires and 2.5 inches of liftWrangler with 33s and 2.5 inch lift









33 inch tire and 3″ lift:

Jeep JK with 33 inch tires and 3 inch liftJeep JK with 33s and 3 inch lift









35 inch tires and no lift:

JK 35s and no liftJeep JK with 35s and no lift








35 inch tires and 1.5″ of lift:

35" tires and 1.5" of lift









35 inch tires and 2″ of lift:

Wrangler with 35s and 2 inches of lift









35 inch tires and 2.5″ of lift:

Wrangler with 35 inch tires and 2.5 inches of liftJK with 2.5 inch lift and 35s









35 inch tires and 3″ of lift:

Jeep JK with 35" tires and 3 inches of liftJeep JK with 35 inch tires and 3 inch lift









35 inch tires with 4.5″ of lift:

Jeep JK with 4.5 inches lift and 35sJeep Wrangler with 35 inch tires and 4.5 inch lift kit