NUMBER: 08-001-07 REV. A
DATE: February 7, 2007

Passenger Air Bag Deactivation

DaimlerChrysler Corporation is now offering a passenger airbag deactivation wiring
package for the selected vehicles listed above. The wiring package is a kit containing all
necessary parts and a detailed instruction sheet. In the U.S., under the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration’s rule, consumers will be authorized for airbag deactivation by
claiming they meet any of several criteria. Passenger airbag deactivation must not be
installed without the vehicle owner presenting the NHTSA authorization letter. For more
information concerning the authorization process and/or the authorization letter call
NHTSA’s Auto Safety Hotline at 1-800-424-9393. We encourage you (dealer) to install
these wiring packages when the customer is interested in doing so and has the necessary
NHTSA authorization.

Information Only

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